Unboxing Video of GDT PerioFocus - Periodontal Chlorhexidine Chip

This blog post provides an in-depth look at the GDT PerioFocus Chlorhexidine Chip, detailing its composition, features, application for dental professionals, and an unboxing video.

Product Description

The GDT PerioFocus Chlorhexidine Chip is a small, orange-brown rectangular chip with a rounded end, designed for insertion into periodontal pockets. This product serves as an adjunct to scaling and root planing procedures, aimed at reducing pocket depth in patients with periodontitis. Each PerioFocus chip contains 2.5 mg of chlorhexidine gluconate, an effective antibacterial agent.

Mechanism of Action

Once inserted into the periodontal pocket, the chip absorbs saliva and expands, facilitating the gradual release of chlorhexidine gluconate. This ensures thorough distribution of the antibacterial agent throughout the periodontal pocket. Approximately 40% of the dose is released within the first 24 hours, with the remaining 60% being gradually released over up to 10 days.


  • Non-antibiotic: Utilizes chlorhexidine gluconate, avoiding antibiotic resistance issues.
  • Biodegradable: The chip dissolves completely after placement, requiring no removal.
  • Antibacterial Action: Suppresses the growth of bacteria in subgingival plaque.
  • Ease of Use: Simple and fast insertion process.
  • Effective Against Periodontitis: Reduces pocket depth and improves periodontal health.
  • Suppresses Bacterial Growth: Effective against bacteria in subgingival plaque.
  • Biodegradable: No need for removal after treatment.
  • Gradual Release: Provides sustained antibacterial action over up to 10 days.
  • Simple Insertion: Quick and straightforward application process.

Unboxing Video

Upon unboxing the GDT PerioFocus Chlorhexidine Chip, you will find:

  1. Individual Foil Packets: Each containing a single PerioFocus chip, ensuring sterility and ease of use.
  2. Package Contents: The package contains 5 PerioFocus chips, ready for clinical application.

Directions for Use

  1. Open the individual foil packet.
  2. Grasp the chip at the flat end with suitable forceps.
  3. Insert the curved end first into the periodontal pocket.
  4. Press apically to the base of the pocket.
  5. Ensure the chip rests subgingivally at the base of the pocket.
  6. The chip biodegrades completely and does not require removal.


The GDT PerioFocus Chlorhexidine Chip represents a significant improvement in the treatment of periodontitis. Its innovative design and effective antibacterial action provide a valuable adjunct to traditional periodontal procedures. The ease of use and biodegradability make it a practical choice for dental professionals seeking to enhance patient outcomes.

Unboxing videos

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