Unboxing of GDT Hemosponge - Absorbable Colloidal Silver Sponge Package

 In this unboxing video, we explore the GDT Hemosponge Absorbable Silver Gelatin Sterile Sponge, an advanced solution produced to enhance hemostasis and prevent infection in dental surgery. Effective wound management is crucial for achieving optimal healing and patient outcomes. This blog post delves into the details of the GDT Hemosponge Silver, exploring its composition, features, and benefits for dental professionals. 

Product Description

The GDT Hemosponge Silver is a hemostatic gelatin collagen sponge, augmented with 5% colloidal silver to enhance its antibacterial properties. Measuring 14x7x7mm, this sponge is designed for application in surgical cavities, ensuring effective wound treatment. Its adaptable size allows it to be cut to fit smaller wound cavities, preventing the formation of fissures and secondary cavities that could lead to infection.

Colloidal Silver

The addition of colloidal silver provides a sustained antibacterial effect without developing resistance. Unlike other antibacterial additives, colloidal silver remains insoluble, ensuring a long-lasting depot effect that continues to protect the wound site.


  • Gamma-ray Sterilization: Ensures the product is free from contaminants.
  • Full Absorption in 3-4 Weeks: The sponge is completely resorbed, facilitating the healing process.
  • Socket Extraction: Suitable for use in one or two-stage implant placement procedures.
  • Hemostatic Action: The gelatin collagen composition facilitates rapid hemostasis.
  • Antibacterial Properties: The colloidal silver provides a long-lasting antibacterial effect, preventing infection.
  • Adaptable Size: The sponge can be cut to fit smaller wound cavities, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Gamma-ray Sterilization: Maintains sterility and safety.
  • Complete Absorption: The sponge is fully absorbed within 3-4 weeks, aligning with the natural healing process.

Unboxing Video

Upon unboxing the GDT Hemosponge Absorbable Silver Gelatin Sterile Sponge, you will find:

  1. Sponge Sheets: Three sheets, each containing 8 spongestotaling 24 sponges per package.
  2. Sterile Packaging: Ensures the product remains uncontaminated and ready for immediate use. 

The design of the GDT Hemosponge Silver ensures that it fits seamlessly into wound cavities, providing an effective barrier against infection and promoting optimal healing. 


The GDT Hemosponge Absorbable Silver Gelatin Sterile Sponge is an advanced tool for dental professionals, offering an effective and efficient solution for wound management. Its combination of hemostatic action and sustained antibacterial properties ensures optimal healing and infection prevention. The product's thoughtful design and ease of use make it a valuable addition to any dental practice.

Unboxing videos

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