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OEM Services

We proudly offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services, allowing you to personalize and customize numerous GDT brand products to meet your specific branding requests. 

Quality Assurance

GDT Dental Implants is fully dedicated to the highest medical standards and quality assurance regulations recognized worldwide. With the intent of showcasing our commitment to patients' safety and their well-being, we have adamantly pursued and achieved the following regulatory certifications:
· GDT products are FDA cleared under the Clearance Premarket Notification (510k)
· GDT products carry the CE mark, as they meet the European Medical Device Directive
· Our development process adheres to the most rigorous quality control standards of product production: ISO 13485:2016.
· Our production facilities are routinely subjected to audits and visits by international supervisors.

GDT Dental Implants emphasizes that each one of our products is developed with special care and is finely tuned down to the smallest detail, as we embrace cutting-edge, high-tech equipment during our production process, pushing the limits of innovation in our field of expertise.
Our aim is to deliver products that seamlessly integrate with the needs of our valued clients and their patients, as we strive to leverage the latest technological advancements to provide solutions that are not only well-fitted, but also highly useful and effective.

Multi-Stage Cleaning Process

Ensures a Contamination-Free Surface.
Successful dental implantation relies heavily on the material composition and surface cleanliness of the implants.
To ensure a clean surface, a thorough cleaning process is carried out at multiple levels, effectively removing any contaminants that may arise during manufacturing.
This accurate cleaning procedure not only achieves a perfectly clean surface but also creates a stable oxide film layer on the titanium alloy surface.
This layer acts as a passivation barrier, measuring only 3-5 nm in thickness, and does not conceal the microtopography.
As a result, the body’s cells can freely utilize the surface as a substrate, crucial for the successful integration of the implant.
An exceptional method, inspired by protocols and standards used in the production of semiconductor electronic components.
This method ensures a perfectly clean surface, enhancing the overall quality of GDT Implants.
The effectiveness of these technologies has been verified through detailed analysis of the material’s surface and chemical composition.
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy were employed, using magnifications of 50x for an initial evaluation of surface cleanliness, as well as 1000x and 5000x for a detailed analysis of the microstructure.
Additionally, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy wasutilized to further assess the composition of the implants.

International Dental Exhibitions


GDT Dental Implants manufactures a wide range of dental implants, prosthetics, instruments and other products necessary for dental professionals to perform implantation - All Solutions For a Perfect Smile!
Within our wide range of available products ,you will find:
surgical kits, tools, prosthetics for all restoration types, digital dentistry products & services, biomaterials, composites, types of cement, etc.

All dental implants featured in this website are manufactured and marketed under the GDT Dental Implants brand.

GDT Implants provides life-time warranty on all their implants, and undertake the responsibility to replace, free of charge, any implant or abutment manufactured by GDT Implants, under the terms and conditions which are specified as follows:

1. GDT Dental Implants do not compensate the professional*, or patient, with any additional cost or expense arising in connection with the failed implantation process.

2. To receive the benefits of the warranties, the professional* must have used surgical and prosthetic tools and components correctly, and have performed the implantation process according to the GDT Dental Implants instructions.
3. The professional* has ensured the patient complies with generally accepted standards of good oral hygiene.
For implants, oral hygiene maintenance examinations twice a year are recommended.

GDT Dental Implants is not obliged to supply any benefits under this warranty with respect to any GDT Dental Implants product, if the failure was caused by physical trauma as claimed by the patient.
To present a request for compensation under this warranty, you are required to send a complete product replacement form, accompanied with the failed product and the other components used by the professional, within 60 days after the occurrence of the failure.
In the case of implant failure or fracture, it is required to attach an x-ray photo of the patient prior to the insertion of the failed implant .Before submitting the implant and all other items used in the treatment, it is necessary to ensure that all products are sterilized properly.
If the Client agrees to, and abides by the provisions of this warranty, the warranty will remain in effect for a lifetime. However, should the client violate any of the provisions listed above, the warranty will be void.

Application of Warranty:
The warranties give under this Warranty Program are exclusively for the benefit of the treatment provider and not any other person or entity.
This Warranty Program applies to GDT Dental Implants and all of its official distributors.

∗ Professional: dentist, oral surgeon, physician, and dental technicians

GDT Dental Implants’ office headquarters are located in Beer Sheva, Israel.
The full address is as follows:

M Tower, Reha Freier 9, 1001

Beer Sheva, 8489442


GDT Dental Implants is constantly expanding its outreach and global presence through an ever-evolving global network of distributors and partners.
Distributors seeking to enhance and empower their local and domestic markets with GDT Dental Implants products are invited to take part in our journey and check the potential compatibility on our Distributor prerequisites.
Join the GDT Community, and together we’ll craft smiles across the globe!


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