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In the field of dental surgery, innovative solutions that streamline procedures and improve outcomes are highly valued. The GDT Sponge Grafting Plug, combining advanced biomaterials, offers a unique, efficient solution for bone grafting. This blog post provides an in-depth look at the GDT Sponge Grafting Plug, detailing its composition, features, and benefits for dental professionals.

Product Description

The GDT Sponge Grafting Plug is a sophisticated combination of calcium phosphate hydroxyapatite and collagen type I coating, designed to facilitate bone grafting procedures. This product integrates two of GDT's best-selling biomaterials: a pure bovine collagen coating derived from the bovine tendon, and a calcium phosphate/hydroxyapatite formula. These components together provide physicochemical properties similar to human bone minerals.

The plug, measuring Ø10.0mm in diameter and 20.0mm in length, offers several key benefits:

  • No Membrane Needed: The plug contains graft material and restricts the migration of soft tissue, providing both a physical and chemical barrier.
  • Highly Hydrophilic: The plug absorbs blood and fluids easily, promoting a favorable environment for rapid bone growth.
  • Radiographic Monitoring: The material is radiolucent on the day of placement and becomes radiopaque within 3-6 months, allowing dental professionals to observe the healing process.


Key Features

  • Mixing Particulate Grafts Is Now a Thing of the Past: The integrated design simplifies the grafting process.
  • No Membrane Necessary: Provides a combined solution with graft material and soft tissue restriction.
  • Radiopaque in 3-6 Months: Enables monitoring of bone regeneration.
  • Radiolucent on Day of Placement: Initial transparency allows for clear placement verification.
  • Bioactive: Promotes rapid bone growth and integration.


Unboxing Video

Upon unboxing the GDT Sponge Grafting Plug, you will find:

  1. 5 Sponge Grafting Plugs: Coated with pure bovine collagen and filled with a calcium phosphate/hydroxyapatite formula.
  2. Individual Sterile Blister Double Packaging: Ensures the each plug remains uncontaminated and ready for immediate use.
  3. Instructions For Use (IFU)

The innovative design of the GDT Sponge Grafting Plug allows for seamless integration into bone grafting procedures, eliminating the need for additional membranes and providing a bioactive environment conducive to bone regeneration.


The GDT Sponge Grafting Plug offers dental professionals an effective and efficient solution. Its unique combination of calcium phosphate hydroxyapatite and collagen type I, along with its user-friendly design, ensures optimal outcomes in bone regeneration. This product represents a significant step forward in dental grafting technology, providing a reliable and straightforward option.

Unboxing videos

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