PTFE Non Resorbable Membrane Barrier

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# Size: 20mmX25mm / 25mmX30mm / 30mmX40mm
# Material: High-density Polytetrafluoroethylene (Dense PTFE)
# Manufactured for GDT Implants

These membranes are made of high-density polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), non-absorbable, and micro-perforated.

They represent one of the most effective solutions for GBR (guided bone regeneration), especially for the stabilization and protection of graft material in a bone defect and maintaining its structural integrity during implantation and over a long period.

PTFE Membrane guarantees perfect biocompatibility and tolerance. They are easy to apply on a defect site because they can easily be contoured, shaped, and cut, to perfectly adapt them to the defect area with the finished edges in contact with the residual healthy bone ridge on which the membrane is stabilized.

Due to its small pore size, the membrane acts as an efficient barrier against bacterial and cellular penetration, and may, therefore, be left in place for open healing in certain clinical indications.

Due to minimal tissue ingrowth can easily be removed after the desired healing time with a pair of tweezers. 
The Membrane is non-absorbable and can be left on the site even for extended periods.


  • Impervious to bacteria due to the dense structure
  • 100% synthetic PTFE barrier membrane
  • No need for primary soft tissue closure
  • Rounded edges for minimal tissue trauma
  • Simple fixation with sutures or pins/bone tacs

High-density Polytetrafluoroethylene (Dense PTFE):

Dense PTFE, also known as high-density PTFE or dPTFE, is manufactured to eliminate the expansion of the nodes and fibrils, resulting in a microporous material that is impervious to bacteria while still allowing diffusion of gases and small molecules. 

Dense PTFE was designed to withstand exposure in the oral environment, which represents an improvement to earlier versions of ePTFE in many applications, especially socket preservation where deliberate membrane exposure offers several advantages. 

Upon implantation, dense PTFE is immediately coated with plasma proteins, facilitating cellular adhesion to the smooth, biocompatible surface. 

This cellular adhesion is observed to form a hermetic seal, providing resistance to the migration of bacteria and epithelial cells around and under the membrane when it is exposed to the mouth. 

Plasma protein adsorption also facilitates the diffusion of soluble organic molecules across the membrane. 

Removal of dense PTFE is simplified due to the lack of tissue ingrowth into the surface structure.

This Dense PTFE is with titanium reinforcement, which increases the stiffness of the material for use in defects where space-making is required. 

The embedded titanium framework allows the membrane to be shaped to fit a variety of defects without rebounding and provides additional stability in large, non-space-making osseous defects.

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