GDT Implants Lateral & Crestal Sinus Lifting Megatron Kit


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# Condition: New
# Tools Material: Stainless Steel
# Kit Material: High-Grade Medical Plastic
# Country of Manufacture: Israel

GDT Implants Lateral & Crestal Sinus Lifting Megatron Kit is designed for various procedures such as lateral and crestal sinus membrane lifting, sinus bone augmentation, immediate loading, two-stage implantation, and ridge expansion with immediate implant placement. Whether it's sinus membrane manipulation, alveolar ridge augmentation, extraction socket manipulation, or preservation of the ridge, this kit has you covered.

The selection and design of GDT Implants Megatron instruments offer a universal solution, eliminating the need for additional kits or tools. Its user-friendly design makes handling and storage become effortless, while providing endless solutions for successful implantation even in challenging conditions.

Experience unparalleled precision and safety with our cutting-edge reamers specially created to protect the delicate sinus membrane. The lateral approach allows access to the sinus wall through a smaller lateral side window, resulting in minimal flap size and enhanced patient comfort. With our specialized crestal approach reamers skillfully navigate through cortical bone without risking sinus membrane damage, enabling perforation on the inferior wall without the need for malleting or osteotome techniques. Rest assured, all our sinus lifting tools prioritize patient safety, ensuring minimal trauma throughout the procedure.

For ridge expansion, GDT Implants Lateral & Crestal Sinus Lifting Megatron bone-spreading drills work efficiently and predictably, enabling quick socket creation with minimal trauma. Compatible with most implant platforms on the market, these drills allow for bone expansion and immediate implant insertion.
One of the standout features of GDT Implants Lateral & Crestal Sinus Lifting Megatron is its implant guides, which streamline the process of precise freehand implant placement without the need for surgical guides or additional tools. This technique, both intuitive and effective, delivers accurate and predictable results, making it an ideal choice for single or multiple implant placements.
GDT Implants Lateral & Crestal Sinus Lifting Megatron is a comprehensive kit that becomes an essential tool kit for professionals striving for unparalleled outcomes in implant surgery. For optimal results and unmatched precision in implant dentistry, and elevate your practice to new heights with this cutting-edge solution at your utilization.

Kit Includes

  • 1x SD-Reamers Guide Drill Ø2.0mm - L32.5mm
  • 2x SD-Reamers - Ø3.3mm and Ø3.7mm
  • 1x Handpiece Condenser
  • 1x Lateral Approach Side Cutter Drill Ø7.0mm - L29.0mm
  • 2x Lateral Approach Sinus Reamer Drills 25.0mm - Ø6.0mm and Ø8.0mm
  • 2x Diamond Lateral Approach Sinus Drills Ø8.0mm - Flat Head and Round Head
  • 1x Lateral Approach Cutter Drill Ø6.0mm - L25.0mm
  • 1x Lateral Approach Drill 20.0mm - Ø8.0mm
  • 2x Saw Disc- Ø9.0mm and Ø11.0mm
  • 5x Expander Drills - Ø(1.8/2.5mm), (2.0/3.0mm), (2.5/3.5mm), (2.8/4.0mm), and (3.0/4.5mm)
  • 4x Crestal Stoppers Length: 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm, and 8.0mm
  • 1x Positioning Drill - Ø2.0mm
  • 4x Positioning Guides L6.0mm- Ø6.0mm, Ø7.5mm, Ø9.0mm, Ø10.5mm
  • 4x Guide Pins L17.0mm - Ø6.0mm, Ø7.5mm, Ø9.0mm, Ø10.5mm
  • 1x Chisel Curved Wide 1.0mm - L4.0mm 
  • 4x Sinus Curettes


Kit Components

Crestal Approach Reamer Sinus LiftCrestal Approach Reamer Sinus Lift
Crestal Approach Reamer Sinus Lift
Sale price$160.00

As low as $158

Lateral Approach Cutter DrillLateral Approach Cutter Drill
Lateral Approach Cutter Drill
Sale price$110.00

As low as $108

Lateral Approach Side Cutter DrillLateral Approach Side Cutter Drill
Lateral Approach Side Cutter Drill
Sale price$110.00

As low as $108

Lateral Approach Core DrillLateral Approach Core Drill
Lateral Approach Core Drill
Sale price$110.00

As low as $108

GBR Bone Saw DiscGBR Bone Saw Disc
GBR Bone Saw Disc
Sale price$75.00

As low as $73

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