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# Connection: Internal Hex 2.42mm

# Implant Diameters: Ø4.2mm

# Implant Overall Length: 30.0mm, 32.5mm, 35.0mm, 37.5mm, 40.0mm, 42.5mm, 45.0mm, 47.5mm, 50.0mm, 52.5mm, 55.0mm, 57.5mm, 60.0mm

# Implant Working Length: 12.5mm

# Condition: Sterilized, Double Packaging

# Material: Titanium grade 5 (TI-6AL-4V ELI)

# Surface Treatment: RBM - Resorbable Blast Media, Calcium Phosphate.

# Country of Manufacture: Israel.


GDT ZYG is a Zygomatic implant engineered to address severe bone loss in the upper jaw, particularly in cases of atrophic bone maxilla necessitating an extramaxillary approach.

The standout feature of GDT ZYG Implant lies in its immediate loading capability, offering an alternative to traditional bone grafting procedures. This alternative approach bypasses the need for bone grafting procedures, which are known to be invasive and require more procedures and visits.

At the core of GDT ZYG Implant design lies an attention to detail. Its deep apical threads and tapered core structure ensure unparalleled primary stability within the zygomatic bone. Further enhancing this stability is a surface treated with RBM (Resorbable Blast Media), facilitating optimal Bone-to-Implant Contact (BIC) and enhancing long-term success rates.

The smooth body construction not only eases insertion but also minimizes the risk of inflammation, promoting seamless tissue integration and post-operative comfort. This emphasis on patient well-being underscores our unwavering commitment to treatment efficacy and satisfaction.

With its high structural integrity, GDT ZYG Implant guarantees resilience and longevity to even the most demanding clinical scenarios. However, it's important to highlight that the placement of zygomatic implants necessitates adequate training and surgical expertise to ensure optimal outcomes and patient safety. 


GDT implants are made of Titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V ELI. This material combines properties such as low specific weight, high strength to weight ratio, very high corrosion resistance, and excellent general biocompatibility.

Ti-6Al-4V ELI is very similar to Ti-6Al-4V, except that Ti-6Al-4V ELI contains reduced levels of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and iron. ELI is short for “Extra Low Interstitials”, and these lower interstitials provide improved ductility and better fracture toughness for the material.

Ti-6Al-4V ELI has proven to be highly successful in the fabrication of dental implants

Surface Treatment:
RBM surface is rough and hydrophilic.
This surface treatment is designed to roughen the implant surface without leaving the residual embedded blast particles or debris in the treated substrate.
To gain the desired roughening the implant is blasted with suitable hardened particles of Hydroxyapatite (beta-tricalcium Phosphate, Alpha Tcp, TTcp, and Calcium Phosphate (CPP) and then subsequently dissolved from the surface with a defined passivation treatment.
Surface roughness between Ra 1.2 - 1.5 is consistently achieved.
The result is a rougher implant surface than traditional acid etches treatment providing a greater surface area for osseointegration, improved retention characteristics, increased biological fixation, and maximizing implant-to-bone contact.
The shape of the implant is made for simple and secure work and improving the osseointegration level.
The RBM surface treatment is made to improve the healing process and tissue growth around the implant, with no worries of abruption or disintegration.

GDT ZYG- Zygomatic Implant size chart and drilling protocol


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