Unboxing GDT Sponge Bovine Grafting Plug

In this video, we unbox the GDT Sponge Bovine Grafting Plug, a versatile product engineered for both hemostasis and bone grafting in dental surgical procedures. This innovative grafting plug combines a sterile, biocompatible bovine bone mineral matrix with a purified collagen layer, offering effective sealing of bleeding tissues and promoting new bone growth. This blog post provides a detailed overview of the GDT Sponge Bovine Grafting Plug, highlighting its features, benefits, and clinical applications for dental professionals.

Product Description

The GDT Sponge Bovine Grafting Plug is engineered to provide dual functionality: it seals bleeding tissues and controls oozing while simultaneously encouraging new bone tissue growth. The plug consists of an internal xenograft bone material derived from a 20/80 cortical-cancellous bone mineral matrix and an external layer of first-grade purified collagen from bovine tendon. This material is harvested from cows under a controlled manufacturing process to ensure sterility and biocompatibility. The sponge measures Ø10.0mm in diameter and 20.0mm in length.


Key Features:

  • Graft Washout Elimination: The design ensures that the graft material remains in place.
  • Immediate Hemostasis: Effectively seals bleeding tissues.
  • Easy Adaptation: Fits seamlessly into defect areas.
  • Volume Maintenance: Prevents tissue collapse, maintaining the desired volume.
  • Aesthetic Improvement: Enhances the final restorative results.
  • Reduction of Augmentative Procedures: Decreases the need for additional procedures.


Watch the Unboxing Video

Upon unboxing the package, you will find:

  1. Individually Packaged: Each package contains 5 Individually Packaged sponge plugs, ensuring sterility and convenience.
  2. Sterile Packaging: Maintains the highest level of cleanliness and safety for immediate use.
  3. Instructions for use (IFU)

Clinical Applications

  1. Periodontal and General Maxillofacial Surgery: The GDT Sponge Bovine Grafting Plug is ideal for a variety of surgical applications, providing effective hemostasis and promoting bone regeneration.
  2. Extraction Socket Management: Placed in extraction sockets before dental implant placement, it helps maintain the socket volume and promotes new bone growth.
  3. Repair and Preservation: Effective in repairing intrabony defects and preserving the alveolar ridge, it supports overall oral health and enhances aesthetic outcomes.
  4. Sinus Augmentation: Assists in sinus lift procedures, providing structural support and promoting bone growth.
  5. Post-Implant Surgery: Facilitates wound healing following dental implant procedures.
  6. Guided Bone Regeneration: Serves as a scaffold for bone regeneration, supporting successful GBR procedures.


The GDT Sponge Bovine Grafting Plug is an essential tool for dental professionals, offering a reliable and effective solution for hemostasis and bone grafting. Its innovative design and quality materials ensure optimal outcomes in various surgical procedures, from extraction socket management to guided bone regeneration. This product is a valuable addition to any dental practice, enhancing patient care and improving clinical results.

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