GDT Hemosponge - Absorbable Sterile Hemostatic Sponge Unboxing video

This innovative, sterile, and hemostatic sponge offers a biocompatible and effective solution for managing inflammatory challenges in surgical dentistry and periodontics.

Addressing Common Concerns about Sterile Hemostatic Sponges 

No more worries about allergic reactions, immunogenicity, or pyrogenicity. The GDT Hemosponge is non-toxic, non-allergic, and non-immunogenic, making it safe for use with diverse patient profiles.

Target Applications

This versatile sponge shines in various post-extraction scenarios:

  • Alveolitis treatment: Soothe the pain and discomfort of dry sockets with the Hemosponge's ability to promote clot formation and tissue healing.
  • Periodontal abscess management: Control bleeding and fight infection in periodontal abscesses with the sponge's superior absorption and biocompatibility.
  • Periodontal pocket filling: After thorough anti-inflammatory therapy or curettage, fill pockets effectively with the GDT Hemosponge, promoting healthy tissue regeneration.

Product Unboxing

Get a closer look at the GDT Hemosponge in action through our official unboxing video. Witness its compact size, sterile packaging, and user-friendly design.

Key Features

  • Superior Absorption: This absorbable sponge soaks up 40–50 times its weight in liquid, ensuring efficient blood control and wound drainage.
  • Effortless Adherence: GDT Hemosponge seamlessly conforms to the bleeding site, promoting optimal contact and clot formation.
  • Complete Absorption: Rest assured, the sponge gracefully disappears within 3 weeks, aligning with the natural healing process and eliminating the need for removal.

    Directions for Use

    > Tooth Extraction:

      1. Ensure proper sanitation of the extraction site.
      2. Using tweezers, place a sponge cube in the socket.
      3. Cover with a dry tampon.
      4. For traumatic extractions, consider suturing the sponge in place.

      > Periodontics:

        1. Apply the Hemosponge to periodontal defects to stimulate clot formation and wound healing.


      GDT Dental Implants' Hemostatic sponge represents a significant leap forward in managing bleeding and promoting tissue healing in dental procedures. Its sterile, biocompatible, and highly absorbent nature makes it a versatile tool for tackling alveolitis, periodontal abscesses, and post-surgical complications. With its ease of use and complete absorption, the Hemosponge simplifies your workflow and promotes patient comfort.

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