Clean room worker holding GDT Dental Implants Double Blister Packaging

GDT Dental Implants is proud to introduce our new dental implant double packaging method!

While our previous version of packaging was good, at GDT Dental Implants we are always striving for perfection. As we are constantly seeking new methods to provide our valued customers with the best possible solutions and products, we gladly present our brand new Double Blister dental implant package!

  • First, you will find a case containing the blister packaging, alongside registration labels and instructions for use.

  • Inside the blister packaging, you will find the primary packaging, containing the ready-to-place implant. The packaging is a completely sterile vial with a pressure cap providing a tight seal

  • The primary packaging vial is sterile on the inside as well as on the outside.

Due to its airtight seal, the inner sterility is maintained even outside the blister packaging. The double packaging design guarantees the sterility of your dental implant, and significantly lowers the risk of implant failure.

Get your hands on the new and improved packaging solution from GDT Implants now!


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