How to Apply: Gift-Card

This post will guide you through the simple steps to apply your GDT Gift Card discount during checkout.

Video Guide: Applying Your GDT Gift Card 


Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Your GDT Gift Card

1. Log In to Your Account: Start by logging into your GDT Dental Implants account. If you’re new to the site, registration is quick and easy. Simply click on 'Sign Up' and fill out the required details to create a new account.

2. Shop for Your Products: Browse through our extensive range of dental products. Add the desired items to your cart by selecting the quantity and clicking the 'Add to Cart' button.

3. Proceed to Checkout: Once you’ve selected all your products, click on the cart icon to proceed to checkout. This will take you to a summary of your selected items.

4. Apply Your GDT Gift Card: At the checkout page, you’ll find a field labeled 'Gift Card' on the right-hand side. Enter your GDT Gift Card code into this field and click 'Apply'. You’ll see the discount reflected in your total immediately.

5. Complete Your Purchase: After applying the discount, review your order to ensure everything is correct. Choose your preferred payment method and click 'Place Order' to finalize your purchase.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to leave a comment below or contact our personalized customer support. Your feedback helps us improve and serve you better.

We're here to help you make the most of your shopping experience with GDT Dental Implants.


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