GDT Pterygoid Bone Osteotomes: Essential Tools for the Max/Basal Implantation

In dental implantology, Pterygoid Bone Osteotomes are essential tools that enhance the precision and reliability of the implantation process. These instruments are designed for challenging anatomical regions, specifically within the posterior maxilla.

Overview of GDT Pterygoid Bone Osteotomes

The Pterygoid Bone Osteotomes are crafted from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and reliability. The set includes two osteotomes:

  1. The first osteotome, with a sharp tip and a diameter of Ø2.0mm, creates the initial hole after the pilot drill. This tool navigates through the cortical bone to the pterygoid bone, establishing a pathway crucial for implant stability.
GDT Pterygoid Bone Osteotome 2.0mm Diameter
  1. The second osteotome, featuring a concave tip and a diameter of Ø3.0mm, efficiently expands the implant socket, accommodating the final implant. Depth marks at 16.0mm, 18.0mm, 20.0mm, 22.0mm, and 25.0mm provide visual cues, ensuring controlled insertion depths.
GDT Pterygoid Bone Osteotome 3.0mm Diameter

Steps for Using Pterygoid Bone Osteotomes

Using these osteotomes involves several critical steps. After the pilot drill creates the initial pathway:

  1. Advance Through Cortical Bone: The Ø2.0mm osteotome is used to advance through the cortical bone to the pterygoid bone. The surgeon applies controlled pressure to ensure accurate progression without causing unnecessary tissue trauma.
  2. Expand the Socket: The Ø3.0mm osteotome further expands the socket, promoting optimal osseointegration by gradually widening the implant site. The depth marks aid in achieving the precise depth required for the specific implant.

    Quality and Design

    Manufactured in Israel and adhering to stringent quality standards, these osteotomes are integral to GDT’s Max/Basal Kit, which supports Basal/Cortical implant procedures. Their ergonomic design and biocompatible materials enhance the accuracy and safety of dental surgeries.

    Conclusion: Essential Tools for Dental Implantology

    In conclusion, GDT Dental Implants’ Pterygoid Bone Osteotomes are indispensable for dental professionals. Their precise design, and reliable performance ensure successful implant procedures. These osteotomes enable surgeons to achieve accurate and dependable results, enhancing patient outcomes and advancing dental implantology. GDT Dental Implants remains committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the highest standards.


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