All participants at the GDT Dental Implants Prosthetics & Restructuring Workshop at Tirana, Albania

GDT Dental Implants proudly headlined our very first Prosthetics and Restructuring Workshop in Tirana, Albania.
Hosted and organized by our dear partner Dr. Mirella Gjoni from Smart Smile Group, the course consisted of engaging lectures, live demonstrations and hands-on exercises to ensure participants gained practical experience and theoretical knowledge in prosthetic restorations on dental implants.

In essence, the workshop was a comprehensive training program designed to enhance the expertise of dental professionals in prosthetic procedures, where participants had the opportunity to learn about the principles and practical aspects of impression techniques, with a major focus on precise and efficient prosthetic restorations - such as ‘all-on-4’ and ‘all-on-6’ solutions.
The curriculum covered a wide range of topics, including treatment planning, implant-supported fixed and removable prostheses, abutment selection, occlusion considerations, and aesthetic outcomes.

By the end of the workshop, all participants had acquired the necessary skills and proficiency in various workflows, and treatment processes, and achieved excellent functional and aesthetic outcomes with GDT’s prosthetic restoration solutions. The course provided valuable insights and practical knowledge that will enable participants to deliver exceptional treatment for their patients in the field of implant dentistry.

GDT Dental Implants Team at the Prosthetics & Restructuring Workshop at Albania with Dr. Mirela Gjoni a dental professional colleague
GDT Dental Implants Prosthetics & Restructuring Workshop at Albania with Dr. Mirela Gjoni and a dental student
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