Doctors Recommend: Dr. Sherwin Benlevi from New York, USA recommends Hemosponge

Introducing Doctor Sherwin Benlevi, a practitioner in dental surgery, based in New York, United States, Recommending GDT Hemosponge with Iodoform.

Dr. Benlevi endorses the GDT Hemosponge with Iodoform for its unparalleled effectiveness in minimizing post-operative discomfort, with a staggering 99% of his patients reporting no post-op pain. This product not only exemplifies excellence in dental care but also reflects GDT Dental Implants' broader commitment to providing high-quality, affordable dental solutions. He appreciates not just the product itself but the overall integrity and service of the company, praising its role in improving dental practices with premium products, competitive pricing, and personalized customer support.

 "It's a good company. I'm trying them for a couple of years, and I'm really happy." - Dr. Sherwin Benlevi.


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